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Skyrim characters & their stories
I'm a rp nerd, lore nerd since the forum won't let use the other term lol.. and I do love a good backstory so what's yours...... *leans on,smiles slightly and passes around moon sugar laced mead*.
Also please add pics of your character,their enemies, love interests or companions if you please.
*eyes the dish of sweetrolls on the tavern before continuing to speak slowly bfeore removing a single green apple from her cloak delicately polishing it*
Tell us about yourself "your character" gender, race, how and why you're in skyrim. Tell us who like who you don't and who you work for.
Feel free to share Racemenu presets or Familiar Faces exports" so people can import the character for their own use tooBig Grin

If I had the modding skills it would grand to build a little standalone collection of anyone's characters to add to the game something akin to the sim mod's submitted npcs.

My present form is that of a mix breed female half khajiit "Ohmes-raht",bosmer parentage. She thought to have nord somewhere in her bloodline due her heavier build with her larger shoulders and pale ivory yet faintly yellowish skin tone.
Basic appearance she has dark green feline eyes,dark red or black of mane, her face is slightly scarred as is th rest of her body from various hunts and battles with wildlife.
Age 13 summers and thought to be been born under the waxing phase of masser.
Due to the mercy of S'rendarr The Runt she feels anyway my character wasn't left an orphan for long after her parents were killed by the thalmor when she was 6.
She was found hiding in the woods by a wandering ranger and adopted into his house,she was taken into the hunting guild he ran and bought up under that group.
But she was later to learn that the hunting guild and the pack of orphans that were being raised within was a cover for building the ranks of a different type of hunting guild.

So that is the bare bones on my character I will post more like the short version of my background and my guild choices if the thread takes off
Will also need pics once I get the scars working on RCOTS again and can get full screen woking again.

"What is the music of life my brothers,sisters"?

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