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Random Writings I
“Its like you forgot my promise to you, Leiva.” No, I hadn’t forgotten. I just knew there was nothing I could do.

“You must have, as I feel you would have put up more of a fight if you had.” I did all that I could. I’m not a Peacekeeper like Velinda.

”Well, today marks the end of humanity and of your precious Earth, or should I say, Gaia?” Since when was this world important to me. I do not believe I ever cared for it.

“I guess you really have given up all hope. But I do wonder, how long ago you gave up your last drop of hope.” I never had any. Why would I when I knew there was no stopping this.

“This is farewell, Peacemaker. You have fallen into despair, and your world burns around you, with few alive but soon to die. I wish you the best, Leiva.” Rot in hell, Zoeleneth.

The one known as Zoeleneth turned away with a Japanese style long sword in hand, his red eyes staying on the collapsed and bloody Leiva. The gravel make a sickening crunch with each step soeleneth took, a please and malicious smile gracing the ebony haired male’s lips. His red eyes never left Leiva’s own ocean blue orbs until his body had fully turned away. Leiva’s eyes never left the slender man’s back, coated in a crimson stained, ebony duster. His absolute hatred and loathing burned in the oceanic eyes that passively glared into the other’s diverging back. Leiva’s head finally fell, his mouth gasping for air while the internal organs that made him tick, swiftly shut down.

Leiva’s life was forfeit and he knew it well with the wet pool of blood and scent of iron that surrounded his body in crimson. Missing an arm, a large section of a thigh and left leg below the knee, he was passing quickly, even as his body cooked in the ever present blazing fires of hell around him and across the world itself. A single action would quicken the pace, but Leiva’s lips parted, stumbling to form words before his death.

“I want..!” his voice caught and a violent spurt of blood left his mouth and he began to choke, spitting it out swiftly into the air, droplets falling onto his face. Perhaps it is already to late to make a contract with you, came the blonde’s last thoughts. His eyes became dark and void, vision completely faded as he spoke his final words to the world.

“A contract. I’d like to reap the benefits of it now, and in exchange I will be a counter guardian until the time you see fit that I have repaid my debts. But, it seems…” his voice stopped,and his body died, never to speak again. The former vessel of Leiva was engulfed in the flames that surrounded him before, burning to ash so slowly. The sands of time had finally ran out in the hourglass of Leiva Shaeda.

A white sphere of light rose from the burning courpse and began to soar into the sky, passing through the crimson clouds that reflected the burning earth and entering into the realm of divinity and followers. It dispersed into particles of light, reforming slowly within an inward ray of light to become Leiva in soul form. The sleeping soul lowered to the white ground in front of a massive throne at the feet of a being of light. It was God who sat within the thrown, looking down uponb his child with a tear from his eye.

This soul, who possessed a pure heart, that was tainted by hate and abuse layed before him. It was only the words spoken before death that had brought it to him, and there was no other reason for it. In an instant, the life of Leiva had been seen by the Almighty One, God, and the final words sealed the child’s fate. The Contract of the Counter Guardian and the Librarian. None had made it for centuries, if not millennia. This fate would force the soul into never ending repentenance, as a hero for all to hold up as their dream. This… Counter Guardsian would not know a normal life until all debts to heaven and The Almighty One, God, were repaid.

A fool’s gamble is such a contract of true fate. With the shake of his head, the Almighty God cast the soul into the contract, a Counter guardian’s tale was beginning, and it may never end. Levia disappeared, entering into a vast Librairy that was sectioned of in Heaven. In the back was a bed for each Counter Guardian, and new, much larger bed appeared for Levia Shaeda to rest in after being given his new form.

The soul flew through the library, passing book after book until the perfect match was to be found. Days could pass here, and it would only seem as seconds after one’s death to Levia should the purest form of a soul make its choice. Pages fell from countless shelves with their books falling first. A thousand days passed before Leiva’s soul stopped, and a book opened from ages past, perhaps billions of years old.

Every pages flipped by before tearing themselves out and encircling their new found self in a cylinder of ancient pages. The words flew from each page, surrounding the soul and followed by the pages before the cover of their book slammed closed around Leiva’s soul. The lone tome shot into the air, dissappearing for only a mere blink of the eye before a person faded into existence, falling slowly to the floor. A slender and small framed woman with a small chest now lay nude on the floor, light breathing coming from her mouth.

Her form disappeared, a white sphere replacing here before flying through the vast library once more, before coming to a bed and the young woman’s body reappeared beneath the white sheets and comforter.

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