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Underaged sexual adventures (RP! FICTION ONLY!)
So I had this idea. About a thread where all we perverts could come and share our stories about those sweet, special times when we were lucky enough to demonstrate our love and lust with a young person. Just a little place to share the defining experiences that proved to us how delicious pedophilia can be. Who wants to start sharing?

(DISCLAIMER! This is an RP thread for the sharing of fictional experiences. Make up a dirty story about getting it on with a kiddo and post it here as if it really happened to you. I stress for anyone who may care to know that these are FICTION!)

(Mods, if this thread violates the rules, I'm sorry. Didn't see anything against it but if you have to close the thread, no hard feelings.)
Little 10 year old Johnny yawns and stretches as he slowly awakens. His mom calls out to him as she opens the door to his bedroom.... "come on sleepy head it's time to get up". He giggles and pulls the covers over his head... "ohhhhh mom it's Saturday and I want to sleep". She sits on the bed, still in her satin robe and yanks the covers away..."come on silly don't waste the day, dad is working and I need help". As the covers fall away she notices her sons beautiful hairless cock fully erect and poking out from his undies. " Oh my what do we have here...." Nervously he tries to cover himself thoroughly embarrassed. " mommmmm". "It's ok Johnny I've seen it before, I used to massage it when you were much younger and you loved it, come now you must remember, it's okay". she reaches to uncover it and smiling at her handsome son gently wraps her hand around his 5" erection. " Mmmmm it's much bigger now and so hard". Johnny gasps as he feels her soft hand stroke his young penis, he can't believe his eyes but the feeling is too good to complain. " Mommy has always loved your penis honey, let me make you feel good, mommy would be so happy too". She bends to place her full soft lips on his, as she does her robe parts exposing her 34b breasts, nipples erect and excited. Her breasts rub against his hard penis and she moves them over his aching cock. His arms go around his mothers neck as he pushes against her soft warm breasts. " Yessssss baby fuck mommies tits, rub your beautiful cock on them". She cups her breasts squeezing his erection between them, milking him. " Yesssss baby fuck my tits, cum on mommies tits, I love you so much". Johhny moans and holding her tight thrusts his boy cock, drops of his clear pre-cum wetting them. Mommy, mommyyyyyyyyyy I am going to cummmmmmm ". Suddenly he thrusts his hips and his little boy dick spurts warm cum on his mothers soft breasts, over and over he spurts coating them with his cum. " Baby, babyyyyyy yes cum good for mommy, do it sweety fuck mommies tits". She squeezes her breasts as he cums over and over, rubbing her cum soaked hard nipples all over his young cock. Exhausted, Johnny lays back gasping as his mother bends down taking his beautiful erection in her mouth and slowly cleans and sucks the rest of his cum, something she has wanted to do for years. " You were so good baby, soooo good, mommy is so proud of you". Holding her little boy she kisses him and they both doze off for a nap. be continued?....... loli, shota and femboi's......always welcome pm's to discuss them or whatever is on your mind.....don't be shy....
Danny was sound asleep with his wife when the sound of his door opening woke him. "Daddy, momma, I had a bad dream can I sleep with you tonight? " a tiny girl stood in the doorway in a cute disney princess night shirt. It was somewhat old and tight on her. The end of it rested just below her crotch. Barely concealing her panties. She had short black hair and bright green eyes. She held a large teddy bear with an ear missing. "Sure baby doll climb up here." The daddy threw the blanket off back allowing her to join them. The girl laid in bed waiting for her mommy and daddy to go back to sleep. They soon did and she took the chance she had and started to fondle her daddy's dick in his sleep. It almost instantly grew to full hardness. She slid down the bed and took it deep into her mouth. Bobbing her head up and down the dad started to wake up. "Hmm baby, little Emily is in bed with us. You shouldn't ...." she looked over to see his wife still fast asleep. He lifted the blanket and looked under it to see his sweet little daughters head bobbing up and down on his cock. She looked up at him and giggled with her mouth full. He tried to pull her off but she started to flail around and hit the momma in the thigh. "Hnn baby be still mommas trying to sleep." The momma said without opening her eyes. Still trying to sleep. And not noticing what her daughter had in her mouth. The daddy knew if he protested further, she would wake the mom. So he just relaxed and allowed his little girl to suck on him. His orgasm was quickly coming on and Emily knew this because she started bobbing her head faster and faster. He put a hand on her head as she continued to speed up. Finally he could hold back no longer. His cock erupting stream after stream of hot thick cum down his little girls throat. She took it like a pro. Gulping it all down before pulling her head off and crawling up the bed wrapping her arms around his neck. The two quickly fell asleep

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