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Is there a way to get notified when you are replied to?
Like there is no notice feature for this site it looks like, which is weird. How do you keep track of who replies to your forum posts?
Well, this site doesn't send emails at all ever (due to server limitations). There is a thread subscription feature you can use. You can go to the User CP and in the Edit Options screen and under "Default Thread Subscription Mode" select Instant PM Notification. Then you'll get a PM about replies to threads you are subscribed to. It should automatically subscribe you to threads when you reply to them, though if you change a default setting I don't think it works retroactively. You can look around in the User CP area to see what all is available.

Just be careful because the PM inbox space is limited and fills up pretty quickly. Items in the Trash Can folder count toward the space limit, so you have to delete everything twice before it will stop counting toward it.
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(12-10-2014, 06:05 AM)Meh65 Wrote:  How do you keep track of who replies to your forum posts?

I normally check the site several times a day, looking at this page:

So I don't need such
How weird, I have to subscribe to the whole thread, not just get notices based on who hits the QUOTE or REPLY button on me?

Sort of annoying not being to go straight to someone who replies to your forum posts, since I mainly post questions.

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