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RP rules
So, now that the site is back up, it seems appropriate to get the RP rules back up for this section as the first order of business before doing anything with actual RPs. Note that these rules do not replace the general forum rules, they are here in addition to the forum rules because the nature of PRs is such that we need some additional regulations for this section.

1). Post threads in their proper place. The main section of the RPs area is for discussion. If you want to ask whether or not someone is interested in an RP idea you have, post your question in this section. The actual RPs will take place in the Clean and NSFW section. RPs posted in the clean section are not to contain any descriptions of sexually explicit behaviors. If things along those lines start happening in an RP in the clean section, it will be moved to the NSFW section. If the raunchy material was posted by someone other than the GM, the GM will be consulted first before the thread is moved and given the option to have the moderator delete the violating posts instead of having it moved.

2). It is the GM's RP, you are just participating in it. The GM ultimately has final say in what is and is not allowed in an RP. Typically, the GM is whoever pitched the idea for the RP or made the first post, with the occasional very odd exception. This rule applies especially to RPs with three or more players. The Mods will default to taking the GM's side in any disagreement between players in an RP. If it so happens that the GM is being a dick, your only actual option is to leave the RP.

3). No posting in an RP without the GM's permission to join. A GM may choose to give their permission to join the RP up front by declaring it an “open RP,” but if neither the first post or the RP's title specifies that the RP is open, then you need to have the GM expressly tell you either in the discussion thread for the RP in the main section or via PM that you may join.

NOTE: These rules are written to be short and concise, and only include actionable violations. More murky concepts like "God Modding" witch some players may actually be Ok with in limited doses and really don't have anything to them that a Mod can intervene with will be covered in a later thread on RP guidelines.

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