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"Ro-Kyu-Bu!" in a fighting game?! O_O
Before explose of joy, let me explain...
I was wandering into some video in youtube, and I saw a trailer of a very interesting game: Fighting Climax.
It's a fighting game, and every char of this game are from a Light Novel
When I saw there will be Kirito from SAO, Misaka Mikoto from TAMNI, and above all, Satomi from Black Bullet, (Though, I'd prefer play Tina or Kohina (she is the cutest for me)) I was surprised and happy
But the char who surprised me the most is Minato Tomoka from Ro-Kyu-Bu...
Fuck, I got an erection when I saw that O_O (I want to try this game...)
She must have a very funny gameplay.
I want absolutely this game, remain to wait an European export (Illusion broken...)

here's the trailer:
Young lady, have you ever seen an angel? They are beautiful, they shine with beautiful light...Like true demons.
Lol, well, that was entertaining at the very least. XD
[Image: LoiMayhemsmall.jpg]

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