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Rocketman! (With Zanders & PowerSave)
The world was spinning, like all worlds do, but this was different somehow. The planet was clear with it's anguish, but celebrating it's life none the less with each routine revolution. Niko watched the Port Augmenti spin out of the suns reach, the colors of the sky changing with every inch. "Don't go, not yet." The young vagabond was talking to himself or maybe the planet, and to most the acts seem like the same thing, but to Nikola De La Croix, it meant not being alone. Not wanting to see the planet turn to dark, he closed his eyes and turned his back on the horizon, facing the wilds that he's explored for about a decade (give or take).
It wasn't all bad though, or at all really, just very overwhelming. The man took a few blind steps towards the trees. Once he passed the trees he took a few more blind steps into the grass. Once he felt the thicket surround him he stopped and opened his eyes. The dark twirled around at first, but once he adjusted he came to a decision. With a subtle tilt of his head Niko gazed through the canopy of leaves, absorbed in the starry skies. "You gonna try and take me away again?" He stepped further Into the woods, all the while mocking the night sky.
"Why can't you just leave me be? Always taunting, always making me hold my breath... Always reminding me you do nothing but that you exist." The night sky always made Niko feel uneasy, especially in the open plains, all the stars alluding to an emptiness so full, a vastness that left him feeling weightless... Like he could be lifted right of the ground. He stepped faster, stumbling around trees and bushes, never taking his eyes off the sky. "Think you can suck the life out of me!? Not when I can barely see you..!"
A ledge, leading to a slope, leading to a tumble some feet down into an open space. The thorns and rocks cutting up his arms as he did his best to protect his head. Ending on his stomach with a big thud in some grass, Niko tightened up his back as he turned to his side. "Fuuuuuuck..." He whispered to himself, the pain straining the syllable.
"What's that...?" A voice inquired somewhere out of site. "Sounded like an animal falling."
"How do you know it's an animal?" Another voice responds with a critical tone.
Niko finally turns on his back, staring up at the clear night sky, thinking about nothing until two lights flicker in his direction, and then nothing.
Loli's in a lawless land... Heart
"Adyr! Adyr Entanis! Get back over here!" his mother called from the distance. "You're wandering too far!"

"Sorry, Mommy!" Adyr called back from his spot where he was looking over a small, green flower that he had never quite seen before so close up. Standing, brushing off the dust from his white, "disease-protection" suit, he jogged back to his mother. The small community was out, looking over some crops to check if they were growing proper. He could tell they were just beginning to wrap up their inspections.

"Don't do that!" his mother scolded him and wrapped an arm around him. From the corner of his eye he could see his sister, Kylen, giggling at him and his little brother, Elan, staring dreamily into space. His father was off in the distance, coordinating with some of the other men. He pulled into his mother's embrace.

It was dark, the night sky cooling things off, making the suits tolerable to wear, so it was now they went out to do their business, but now that the night had grown long, they began to pack up their tools, grab there equipment, and following close behind his family, Adyr walked to the town with them, shifting his backpack full of goodies for comfort.

Then he heard a loud rustle and thump. The whole group froze.

"What's that...?" One of the men whispered. "Sounded like an animal falling.

"How do you know it's an animal?" His father retorted.

Slowly several of the men made there way towards the site of the noise, creeping along until they reached it. One of the men sprung up at a sight and exclaimed "We got a body!"

"Sick?!" Adyr exclaimed, shocked and worried.

"Dunno, calm down kid! We gotta bring him back. Not one of you take off your suits until I give you the go ahead!" They lifted the unconscious body out. Adyr eyed it suspiciously. The body did not move on the whole journey back, and when they finally arrived at the medical and research building, the men laid him flat. No one left the room. Everyone here had to watch, it was an unwritten rule. Everyone in the room also had to be decontaminated and all that, so it could not hurt for them to learn how the testing was done.

His mother held his sister and his brother close, while he stood to the side next to a close friend, Allen. They both made slight whispers, mocking the man's scars, his looks, his illness. He was an outsider, and that was reason enough for small boys like Adyr to have some fun! So together they muttered whispers, but all the while Adyr kept a close eyes on what tests were being done indeed.
~I like small boyz, and I cannot lie. You other shotas can't deny! That when a boy walks in with that really cute face and that body in this place You get sprung!~
"Well the test we need takes 12 hours to complete, so in the mean time..."
"Toxology report?"
"Toxology report."
The white suits strapped Niko to the table, withdrawing blood and swabbing for saliva.
"Could explain a lot don't you think?"
"I think it could explain irrelevant things but hey knock yourself out." In a few minuets the men were dropping the strangers blood in separate test tubes filled with different liquids, 3 of 5 changing color.
"Let's see. Positive results for marijuana, clavadrine, and elonel."
"I don't take elonel, I chew on Lo An leaves. Less side effects." Nikos eyes shot open, still blurry as he spoke I'm a gravely voice. "Where am I?" He tried to sit up, elicit a loud thunk from the tables restraints around his wrists. 'Thats not good'. The thought sent him into a little panic, the effects of the leaves stil waring off. The scientists continued to ignore him, acknowledging him only with a nod or quick glance.
"What the fuck is this?" He pulls harder on the restraints, coughing as he attempts to move. "What are you going to do!?" He was shouting a little now, his instincts beginning to take over in self preservation.
He kept pulling, harder and harder, until his wrists began to bleed.
The room was lit by nothing but a pair of lights above the table, the only detail getting through being the cracked cement walls.
Loli's in a lawless land... Heart
"Allen!" Adyr jumped. "He's awake!"

"Looks like he's got anger! Wasn't that a sign of the sickness?" Allen grabbed his friend's hand.

"I... I think so..." Adyr muttered. Several of the scientists stepped back, his mother and his siblings among them. The room was still for a second, with the only disturbance being the man's thrashing.

"QUICK!" Adyr's father exclaimed, breaking the tension. "PUT HIM TO SLEEP!" The room burst into chaos as hands rushed about to find the proper drugs. Adyr felt jostled about and in the way as everyone attempted to find order.

What do I do?!

The man's thrashing was growing steadily violent

The light in the room was now oppressive and sterile, the bodies as they moved to prepare the drug were like white ghosts drifting to and from their haunted corners.

"Fuck!" He heard one yell. "I can't find the actual active drug, man!"

"It's gotta be here!" Another yelled. A tension was pervasive throughout the room.

In one swift motion, Adyr pulled off his back back and grabbed his teddy that he stuffed inside, clutching it for dear life, before gently putting it back.
~I like small boyz, and I cannot lie. You other shotas can't deny! That when a boy walks in with that really cute face and that body in this place You get sprung!~
"You fucks!" Niko's wrists were red, the blood lubricating his restraints. He could feel it. If he persisted enough, maybe break a bone or two, he could slip his hand through. He was breathing heavy, grunting every time his hand slipped a little further through the restraint. He scanned the room for a plan, contemplating what to do once he was mobile again. The men and women were hard to define through the white suits, however the children... one could tell just by height alone.

The thrashing test subject found a few kids, but only one looked fragile enough through the white to ensure complete cooperation. He slipped free from one restraint.
"Stop him!" Niko heard one shout, grabbing a pair of surgical scissors. As the biggest body in the room approached to pin him down, the young waste-lander took action.
He plunged the sharp end into the mans shoulder, then the mans chest, then his throat. Blood poured from the wounds and onto the floor, the mans words muffled by the amount of blood building in his throat.

They all stood back, Niko wasn't sure why but he wasn't really complaining. He pointed the tool around the room while he struggled with his other restraint, an audible crack coming from his wrist turned Niko's face into a contortion of pain. Why weren't they trying to pin him back down? Were they all so afraid to die? Were they simply just scared or stunned by the scene?
With one last pull he slipped through the leather-ish restraint, struggling to properly stand for a moment but quickly gaining his composure.

"What's next huh!?" Niko shouted at the small crowd of people, his demanding voice sounding with the rhetorical question.
Niko scanned the room again looking for the frail child, spotting him on one side of the room with another his targets age. He slowly stepped towards them, facing the larger adults and threatening them with stares. Before he could "peacefully" take his leverage a pounding cam from the steel door, followed by a strict voice.

"Doctors!? It's Jim from security, open the door, what's going on in there!?" 'That's just great' Niko bolted to the kids, pushing one to the side and grabbing the one with a backpack, using his broken limb to hold the child's wrist.

"You let me out now or I'll do something we'll all regret!"
Loli's in a lawless land... Heart
He saw the blood, heard the cracking of bones. The sights, the sounds, all of it invaded his senses. He felt ill, terrified. His feet seemed to be nailed to the floor. That blood! As those scissors darted into the man's flesh, and the blood came leaking out of the suit, he wanted to puke! It took all his energy to keep from doing so. It would be bad to do so in his suit. No one moved. He supposed they couldn't for fear took their hearts. Never have they dealt with a man such as this, as he broke his own wrists with sharp cracks to pull himself free. It was horrific!

As the man began to speak, Adyr gripped his friend's hand harder, pulling closer in fear. He felt like the man's eyes kept falling to him, deep, crazy. He wanted his father, mother, anyone he knew that could protect him. Finally, with a last crack, the man had pulled himself fully free from the restraints. His eyes seemed to patrol the room once more, looking and spotting. Adyr felt the man's eyes fall on him a second time, yet still no one moved. He could feel the shocked tension. The man was dangerous.

Then the man leaped. There was no time to so much as think. With little effort, Adyr felt his grasp ripped from his friend and was within the man's tight grip. He could feel the weight of his arms crunching on the suit itself.

"You let me out now or I'll do something we'll all regret!" The man yelled out in a demanding bellow.

In a panic, Adyr did not think. He began to kick and flail in the man's grasp. "Mommy! Daddy! Let go of me! Let go!" he kicked hard at the man's shins in an attempt to free himself. He threw his arms out to hit at the broken wrists that he could see would be so painful, or so he hoped. He lashed out with every ounce of strength he could, which he knew was never much, in an attempt to free himself from the crazed man.
~I like small boyz, and I cannot lie. You other shotas can't deny! That when a boy walks in with that really cute face and that body in this place You get sprung!~
Niko paid the boy little heed, the only thing that hurt was the disturbance to his wrist and even that was fleeting.

"Cut it out you little shit... Now who here wants to save two lives today!? All you have to do promise me safe passage and I'll be on my way..."

One of the suited men couldn't believe what he was hearing, it seemed. "You just killed someone and you want us to let you go?"
"YOU BROUGHT ME HERE, SO YOU FACE THE CONSEQUENCE!" Niko stared the man down through the visor of his helmet, sweat dripping from his hairline down onto the cold concrete floor. The security force continued to bang on the door, demanding an update, a familiar voice, anything.

"Who does this one belong to?" He pointed the scissors down to the fragile boy, no intention to hurt, only to intimidate. "It doesn't matter..." He didn't wait for an answer. "If you don't want this kid to get hurt show me a way out NOW!" He points to hatch in the corner opposite of the one he's backed into. "What about that!?" The pounds get louder, more desperate.

"We're gonna blow the door, hang tight!" The voice from outside tried to reassure the crowd that help was imminent.
Loli's in a lawless land... Heart
"Let me go!" The scissors were so close. He felt more scared than he's ever been in his life. "Please! Just let me go!" tears were beginning to roll down his face. For a while, still no body moved. Adyr gave up kicking. The man was unphased. Instead he locked his eyes pleadingly with his father. "Please!" He shouted at his father. "I don't want him to kill me, Daddy!"

The security were setting up. He could here their movements outside the door. If they got in, would this man kill him? Adyr thought he would. Why wouldn't he? Adyr was weeping openly now. This man killed! He had to be caught! Not allowed to leave. That's how it worked. But...

"Everyone, stand clear of the doors!" The security could be heard. Still no one moved. His father moved nervously from place to place. The mother was beginning to tear up. Finally a sharp voice rung out from among the rest.

"YOU BASTARD!" Allen screamed, eyes filled with tears.

"5" the security counted down.

"LET HIM GO!" The mother screamed. The scissors felt so close the Adyr. He swore he was quivering at the knees. Fear was making him weaker and weaker. He just wanted to go home!

"4" It was as if a tension had been cut. They all turned to Adyr's father, who looked so very lost. Adyr knew his father. His father loved justice and right. What was right? To let a murderer go.


"Should we tell him?" Someone finally asked.


"FINE!" The father shouted. "YES! You can get out that way!"

"Daddy!" He breathed a sigh of relief and began to weep in joy. He'd be freed.

"1!" And a series of mechanisms can be heard going off.

"Now give me my boy back!" His father shouted right as the door was being blown in.
~I like small boyz, and I cannot lie. You other shotas can't deny! That when a boy walks in with that really cute face and that body in this place You get sprung!~
"Dammit!" He dragged the boy by the wrist and kept him in close proximity, showing no intention of releasing him now, crouching behind Adyr as he opened the hatch. The creak of the hinges were drowned out by the deafening bang of the steel door, causing Niko to stumble and roll half way down the short concrete stairs with his hostage.

"You said you'd let him go!" The boys parents shouted at the escapee, demanding their sons release. He could barely hear their protests through the ringing, then again he wasn't really listening.

The security seemed under trained but very cautious, peeking around the the corner of the door and shakily holding their guns at their hips. One jumps through the door, firing burst shots in the vagabonds direction, only to hit the wall and hatch frame. Niko closed the doors as quickly as he could and picked up his captive by the waist, throwing him over his shoulder before running down the narrow passage.

The security was still oblivious to the situation, checking on the people in the room. He forgot how chaos and confusion could create opportunities for success, at least for some.
He could hear them throw the hatches open, a group of at least 3 or 4 quickly flowing down the steps. He turned with the passage around a corner, then another, until they reached a flight of stairs no different than the first.

"Is it locked?" He thought aloud then pushed on the door, sighing in relief to the eerie creak he missed back in the testing room. "Thank you!"
He sprinted into the wilds weaving through the flora, not wasting a moment on the details. He had to get far away, NOW, he could worry about his surroundings later.
Loli's in a lawless land... Heart
"Why?!" Adyr screamed as he was being pulled through corridor after corridor until they were finally outside. "You promised! You said that you'd let me go!" He felt his feet dragging on the ground as he was powerless in the man's grasp. All he could do was continue to hit his captor.

He knew that security would follow. They would not abandon him like this, would they? He groaned in panic. Fear consumed his head. He felt it was growing harder and harder to keep his strength and for some reason he noted his bladder felt weak with fear. As they passed different foliage, Adyr would reach out and grasp at the various plants on the said, hoping to get a solid grip on something, ANYTHING, to yank him out of this grasp, but each time the branches would slip through his grasp. His cries were more than audible. What on earth did this man want with him?!

From behind he could hear yelling voices in the distance.

"Where'd he go?"

"For the love of all that's good! Don't let that man have my son!" Daddy! He heard that voice clear as day. In response, doing the only thing he could think of to help, Adyr let out a solid, long, high-pitched scream.
~I like small boyz, and I cannot lie. You other shotas can't deny! That when a boy walks in with that really cute face and that body in this place You get sprung!~
As Adyr tried his best to slow down his captor he succeeded only in frustrating him. Each time he grabbed at a branch Niko had to struggle to keep balanced, occasionally straining his broken wrist. "Stop it you little shit!" He threw the boy on the ground and pinned him, the voices of the security team distant yet audible. His eyes burned with anger and desperation, silently pleading with his hostage to keep silent. "If you don't keep quiet I'm going to rip you out of that suit..." A hand made it's way around the helmet seam, gently squeezing the little boys throat.
"...or maybe I should just kill you if you're not gonna be helpful..." Niko didn't mean it, but he needed the boy to shut up one way or another.

The vagabond was out of breath and in great pain, panting like a dog in summer heat as he considered his options. The flashlights flickered on and off, signaling silently to each other as the team got closer. "Crawl with me." He kept his good hand on the back of Adyr's neck as he attempted to crawl on his belly a little further out, feeling like a reptile in the desert sand. The moist foliage made it easier to slide through the brush, mud and leaves sticking to his white shirt like bark to trees. It didn't take long for the odd man to find a half uprooted tree, a natural dark cavity just beneath the trunk. "Let's drop in here..." He pushed the captive in first, watching him sink into the deep burrow, just before following himself.

"Now stay quiet until they're gone, and I might let you go..."
Loli's in a lawless land... Heart
All Adyr could do was nod fervently through chocking sobs. He tried his best to even fight them down, stop them from being too loud. The last he wanted to do was spend any more time with this maniac! Wrapping his arms around his legs, he pulling himself tight for an illusion of comfort. The boy was only spared from the dampness of the hiding space from the suit he wore. His neck throbbed gently from where the murderer had grabbed him hard and his body felt tired. It took so much effort for him not to pass out from exhaustion... Adyr's eyes never left his captor.

Then footsteps.

"Search the area! The screams were coming from around here somewhere!"

"I can't fucking find them!"

Adyr wondered how quickly this man would kill him? Would it be too quick for the security to stop him? He was shaking now, his mind confused as to what is best.

"Fan out. They can't have gotten far..."

Adyr returned focus on the man, shivering with fear in his eyes. Will he let me go now? They're going away... Please oh please just let me go!
~I like small boyz, and I cannot lie. You other shotas can't deny! That when a boy walks in with that really cute face and that body in this place You get sprung!~
With the squad thinned out Niko pulled his hostage up from the deeper part of the burrow, placing half his body outside the hole. He could tell the kid was too tired to pull himself the rest of the way, using the moment to catch his own breath. "You really made this difficult." Niko was covered in mud from head to toe on the front side of his body, making him heavy and gritty. "Now I have to get rid of this..." He puled himself out and removed his shirt, throwing it over the boys helmet before helping him stand. "...come on. We aren't far enough yet." He was being paranoid, not really knowing how close or far they were from his place of capture, but he knew ten minuets of running wasn't far enough for his own comfort.

"Can you still walk kid?" He spoke in a tired, shaky voice as he grabbed the kids hand with his good one. "I'll carry you around if I have to." The vagabond spoke harshly out of frustration, spanking the kid with his broken hand (or wrist, he wasn't quite sure yet).
Loli's in a lawless land... Heart
The boy let out a loud yelp at the contact to his butt. Right then, that was too much. The man had hit him! He wasn't supposed to do that! He held his end of the bargain. Without much noise, the boy fell to his knees. Even if he wanted to, he couldn't run from this man. Not with his legs shaking like they were. What he needed was rest. What he needed was his mommy and daddy to give him a hug. He had a feeling, however, he wasn't going to get any of this so long as he remained in this man's clutches.

"You said..." He panted. "You said you'd let me go! Let me go or I'll scream again! You can... You can get out without me" He grabbed the shirt and threw it to the ground. Sure, he couldn't do much fighting, but he wasn't gonna just allow himself to be pulled along. "I don't.... I don't wanna be held! I want to go home!" Adyr felt that the more he fought, the more the man would tire. Perhaps he'd give? Perhaps he'd just stop trying to drag Adyr along and give up on whatever strange reason he possessed for taking Adyr in the first place!
~I like small boyz, and I cannot lie. You other shotas can't deny! That when a boy walks in with that really cute face and that body in this place You get sprung!~
Niko sighed and rolled his eyes, lifting the child over his shoulder like you would a log. "I did say I'd let you go, but YOUR family took too long in letting me escape. They're partially responsible as well." Niko stepped forward with Adyr over his shoulder, rubbing his eyes as they went along the line of trees. The night life of the wilds looked on as the man passed through, cricket-esque bugs chirped and night birds called out to one another as if alerting them to the humans presence.

He walked for a while, ignoring the kids protests and flailing limbs as much as possible, but his temper was wearing thin. Niko threw him down once more, the canopy of trees still masking the night sky. "This looks as good a spot as any..." The area was encircled by a group of trees, in the center of the circle was a soft patch of grass. "Now, let's see what's under here. Take off your helmet."
Loli's in a lawless land... Heart
"M... My helmet!" First he tells him his parents are at fault, which was shock enough, but to remove his helmet? "No! Why should I! I'll get sick like you are and then I'll die anyway! They say that those who die of the sickness die not nice deaths." He was shocked. The man talked to him as if he already had control. He slowly got up from where he was lying after being thrown, and was ready to break for it once he had the slightest resurgance of energy.

"I was told to never take off my helmet out doors. You can't make me do it." Adyr's eyes pieced at the man, suspicious, glaring. He felt hate boiling. The man had no right.
~I like small boyz, and I cannot lie. You other shotas can't deny! That when a boy walks in with that really cute face and that body in this place You get sprung!~
"Is that what they told you, that I was sick? That people you don't know outside your little clique are all sick? Take off your fucking helmet and I'll show just how sick I am!" Niko had enough, he's had enough for few hours now, and he was ready to boil. He ran at the boy and palmed the top of his helmet, pulling and pulling as hard as he could. "DO YOU WANT ME TO SMASH YOUR LITTLE VISOR OPEN!?" He pawed at the neck seam looking for a notch or button, zipper or anything that could be used to peel the little bastard out of his suit. The older male pushed the boy over once more and reached for a small rock, stumbling just a bit.

"Take it off now!" He'd cut the suit open if he could, hell it'd beat the song and dance he was performing with the kid now, but forcing him out would have to do.
Loli's in a lawless land... Heart
"No!" The boy screamed. The sound of nature echoed his shrieks of fright. Suddenly being attacked, Adyr began to scream and kick at the captor, knowing, perhaps, he was too far now to be heard... And the bird! Oh the animals! They seemed to be louder than he was. "I don't want this! I don't want any of this!"

Finally, his mind finally unraveled. "Please!" He pleaded as he weakly fought off the insane hands that were grappling at his suit. "Please don't! I don't... I don't wanna get out. I just don't wanna! Why do I need to get out! Can't I just stay in here? I promise it won't hurt anything!" All this was said through panicked, desperate sobs. It wasn't so much the removal of the suit that had broken him to such degrees of panic, but instead the thrashing and screaming. That was worse than anything. The screaming!
~I like small boyz, and I cannot lie. You other shotas can't deny! That when a boy walks in with that really cute face and that body in this place You get sprung!~
Niko didn't respond, instead he smacked the top of the boys helmet with the rock. He heard the crack of glass, or whatever the material was, and hit it again. The crack spread over Adyr's eyes, making it hard for Niko to see the kids face. He dragged the kid closer by his legs and pinned him again, hovering over the helmet with his rock for one smack. "Either close your eyes or take it off now!" He had his good hand on the boys chest, pressing firmly but fair, holding his breath like a hiding child.

Niko lost it when the woods stayed silent, bringing down the rock for one last good smash.
Loli's in a lawless land... Heart
The boy couldn't even screamed. He held his breath, voice caught in his throat. For once, he obeyed, closing his eyes tight as glass rained into his face. He felt the tears force their way through shut eyes. Adyr knew his suit was now useless.

All he could do was whimper. That was the only sound that could be heard from his lips. Adyr swore that rock killed him, and all he could think was that he was currently floating to heaven despite the weight that was on his chest. The silence of the woods was near deafening.

~I like small boyz, and I cannot lie. You other shotas can't deny! That when a boy walks in with that really cute face and that body in this place You get sprung!~

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