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What Age did you prefer?
When is a Toddler a real Toddler? From What Age do you like them and have Fantasies with them?. Well at 5-8 Month i call them Baby, cause they´re so cute ^^ and from 12 month to 4 years i call them Toddler ^^ (My Diaper Ages  Heart )
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to me loli is more of a body type. so as long as they fit the body type, age is irrelevant.
Loli: 2-14

Shota: 5-16
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I like them female four to the!be ,dark hair with blue eye but all of them are great at that age. Heart
Loli: 11 - 14

Shota: 9 - 13
For loli's my age preference is 8-10, although i been know to like them even at 5-6 so it depends on the loli. Wink
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Almost as Sinom over there, 7 - 10 are the ages where we find the most precious treasures but of course it depends on the loli, she may be 4 or 16 if the body suits me, she's a loli for me
Age itself shouldnt matter as long body is of a 6-14 year old girl
I like from ages 5-16. My favorites from those years would have to be from 5-9. There just look so cute and innocent in them years to me.
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The perfection for me is beetwen 4-8 years :3
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Age is of no matter for me as long as their bodies are dainty and young looking
I guess 7 to 15~
For me I've got to say

Loli: 4-14ish
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I'm not into toddles but other than that I don't have huge preference. 8-12 and to 14 probably, but as I said, it's not huge.
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For my shotas? Usually my main age range is 6-10. It can easily go up to 12 or spike down to 3 or 4 depending though! <3
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Preference for lolis or shotas goes between 6-10. Not quite on the way to puberty. I couldn't tell you why, I'm just not into pre-teens. I just want that soft body without all the baby fat. Ugh, I'm so picky.
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I love the diffrences between the prefered Age xD. But most of you are into the pre Puberty 6-12 i guess Smile

So i am the Weirdo xD And believe me i am proud of it ^^
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It's changed over time. When I first got into lolis, about 7 to 10 was my preferred range. Now I'm up for just about anything, but I prefer my lolis between 9 and 13. Young enough to be innocent, old enough to be curious. Smile
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I dont care anything under 12 but i would have to say my dream age wound be either 4 or 8
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Umm, we're talking cartoons right since I don't have any level of attraction to IRL kids.

For both loli and shota it's basically age 6 to 13. That's a super-innocent age. Really though, it doesn't matter. Anime is done in such a way that a 10 year old can look like she's 20 and a 16 year old can look like she's 9.

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I like to go by this picture... 4-8 I guess.

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