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so hey
I have very Very rarely used forums before, but might as well start now
I've been with this site for many years now and just found out it came back, too bad the gallery hasn't seemed to survive the transition this time around tho
So what kinda stuff you guys into?
Welcome! Smile

I'm mostly into shota. xD
Remember, the enemy's gate is down. ~ Ender's Game
If you're havin' shota problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems, but a shota ain't one!

I'm into lolis and pain ^^
"Even angels die in the arms of demons." -Marilyn Manson
A good forum to start using then Wink Welcome!

I fancy loli's btw....A LOT OF LOLI'S Tongue
Need Help? Shoot me a pm!

Oh and I enjoy lolis, traps, and causeing screams of pain and/or humiliation.
If anyone wishes to speak to the embodiment of evil then PM me, I'm almost always on.
[Image: yV366Qa.jpg]
Shotas, shotas, shotas. Shotas being loved, shotas being tied up, shotas being embaressed, I love ALL the shotas Big Grin You probably know we are a weird bunch if you lurked here for a while Wink So welcome to the club!
~I like small boyz, and I cannot lie. You other shotas can't deny! That when a boy walks in with that really cute face and that body in this place You get sprung!~

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