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Oppai Lolis
what do you think of oppai lolis or lolis with large breasts I think there kinda cool and hot in a way
Personally, I find oppai lolis to ruin the charm of lolis to begin with.
To me, a loli is small, adorable and something that is still pure(no matter how much cum she has ingested). Adding the oppai aspect kind of ruins that purity.
That and I just fucking love dfc.
There is a right way to do oppai loli and a wrong way to do oppai loli. Unfortunately, it's normally done the wrong way.
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I'm not wild about it unless the artist does it juuuuust right. Not a boob size fanatic either in loli or IRL.

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I like huge tits, just not on my loli.
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I don't discriminate. I love my lolis big or small.
Both have their charms really.

Besides way things are going oppais are becoming more of a reality.
oppais has never been something I have been drawn to , to me it just looks a little scary , but it's obviously nothing wrong with liking it
let one day loli be accepted so we can all live in peace  Heart

English is not my strong point so excuse my spelling  Smile
Oppais can be hot so long as they still have small cute bodies.
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It depends how it is done i guess. Small loli's with HUGE breasts are a natural turn off for me. I don't mind that loli's have breasts, so long as it is believable and small.
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