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Oh look, this place is back.
To the 3 of you that remember me, hello again. Smile
[Image: LPIC_COUNTER.png]
Hey! I remember you! Welcome back! ^^
Don't worry I remember you too. Well that two so who's the third?
[Image: yV366Qa.jpg]
Not me, since I'm new 'round these parts. But now that I've seen your name, I'll remember you in the future. Does that work?
i remember you~. we got 3. theres probably a fourth person. anyway, welcome back to the brand new atf.
I recognize the picture in your sig, and your profile pic looks familiar, but I don't think I knew you. Although, I'd be glad to get to know you now.
Here's to hoping that being a lolicon will someday be accepted.
I am Mortanius, the Necromancer! Guardian of the Pillar of Death! An ally to the vampires! An enemy to The Unspoken! I provide guidance for the Scion of Balance! I am the unwilling cause of the Circle's corruption, and the catalyst for its purification!
Ah I remember you! Welcome back! Smile
"Your friends are your greatest treasure, an unending wealth of love that can't be measured." -smirk
I recognize your name too. Tongue
Welcome back to ATF! Smile
[Image: attachment.php?aid=380]
See! That is alot more then three people! Tongue

Although i don't remember you but that doesn't matter! What matters is that you are a fellow member now again so WELCOME. Big Grin
Conquering the world one loli at a time  
I remember seeing you around before! (Your signature is great, btw)
Let's get to know each other this time Smile

Welcome back and nice to meet you Noonstar!

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