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Tera thread (mmo)
Hey everyone I just started a mmo called Tera. Its pretty popular and fun for me because the combat is a lot different than most mmos. When you're fighting a monster you have to move around more to dodge its attack or block them. Its kinda like the Dark Souls combat system but with skills. There's not that many races but a good amount of classes. Also there's a loli race. Of course I picked that one even though the majority (well kinda) of the people usually pick that race. I still see a lot of other races but there's always at least two lolis running around. The class I picked is berserker which is kinda like a tank class. Its kinda funny to see a loli running around with a giant axe. If any of you guys would like to play or are already playing message below and I can add you. (only lvl5 btw) Here is the website if any of you guys wanna play (I heard the game gets boring after a couple of months but I don't care. Also its like 34gb) I recommend the loli race since they are so fucking adorable and it lets you make any kind a loli (I made a tsundere tomboy lol)
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