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  Minecraft Server
Posted by: Kitsuna - 03-11-2014 01:55 PM - Replies (85)

So now we have a minecraft server for the users here its just minecraft.kitsuna.net
Also we have Dynmap! you can view it at http://minecraft.kitsuna.net:8123/ to get a google maps style view of the server!
You can donate to the server via paypal just give the money to Lordkitsuna@hotmail.com, simple right? Look forward to seeing you on the server!

Also, we have an anti grief plugin, its pretty easy to use so don't worry lets go over the basics.

How do i get a claim?
Claims are automatically made for you when you place your first chest, you can unclaimed the land later so don't worry its not permanent but its normally a good idea to place the chest wherever you intend to settle down

Why is the claim so small?
Claims start out small and you gain the ability to claim more blocks as your server time increases, this does not count for AFK you have to be actively doing things. You gain 100 blocks per hour

How do i let someone do stuff in my claim?
You can use the /trust command to give a player the ability to build/destroy/etc in your claim at any time

What if i only want them to be able to use doors?
the /AccessTrust command will let you give players permission to use levers, doors, buttons and beds but not build or destroy.

I dont want someone in my claim anymore
Just remove them with /untrust

What else can i do with the plugin?
All the info and commands can be found at http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/grief-prevention/

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  The Report Button
Posted by: Vvren - 03-02-2014 12:02 PM - No Replies

I wanted to remind everybody about the report button and what it can do.
When you report a post we can all see it.
So use it to report anything rulebreaking, illegal, or suspicious.
And leave a comment if it isn't obvious.
You can also use it to bring other things to our attention in case your post gets buried and we don't see it, like if you messed your vote up on a poll.
Don't spam it though. We don't need a bunch of notices about stuff that could be posted in the thread.

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  atf stats: february
Posted by: chaosscizzors - 03-01-2014 04:04 PM - Replies (13)


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  [Temporary Disabled] Temporary password to access Introductions
Posted by: Gilgamesh - 02-28-2014 08:29 PM - Replies (26)

I'm just tired of deleting threads and bots ; until Chaos wakes up and can help me set up a harder registration captcha/question/etc you need to type "notabot" to access the subforum. Sorry for the inconvenience.

EDIT : Tried removing it to see if they're still trying. Now i'm gonna need to do the same for the random section though. Really eager to be able to IP ban again.

EDIT 2 : Aaaaaand they're still here.

EDIT 3 and 3.5 : Disabled it again to try a new bot prevention method. ---- Method seems to work at least a bit. Password will stay disabled for now.

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Posted by: chaosscizzors - 02-24-2014 09:27 PM - Replies (8)

atf is now running on cloudflare. what does that mean? well basically much of the site's static content is cached on cloudflare's servers so now things should load up far more quickly than before. on top of that cloudflare will protect us from most ddos attacks (not that we've ever had any).

also if you haven't looked at our fundraising thread i strongly urge you to do so. atf's future depends on your help!

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