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Heart New guy, yep
Posted by: Moebro - 3 hours ago - Forum: Introductions - Replies (13)


I'm new to ATF, never been here before. Don't know any of you guys.

Wanna give me some rum?

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  Britain Tries Slowly Introducing New Treatment For Pedophiles
Posted by: That Guy Who Says Those Things - 3 hours ago - Forum: Srs Bsns - Replies (6)

Read this


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Video Loli Animated Gifs
Posted by: Meioh - 4 hours ago - Forum: Loli - No Replies

Need a thread for these!

I'll probably put tentacle ones in the tentacle thread.

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  Jurrasic World
Posted by: Twistedes - 7 hours ago - Forum: Media - Replies (4)

What do you guys think of this then?
Will it be a fail milking attempt or will the movie be great?
The trailer makes the movie look awesome xD

(We can discuss the whole movie in here when we've watched it)

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  Just some new guy.
Posted by: Nightlord14 - Today, 08:29 AM - Forum: Introductions - Replies (7)

Hi, I'm Nightlord. I like long walks on the beach, swords, lolis, and generally adorable things. Kind of a crap introduction, I know, but I've never been very good at saying hello.

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Question What ages?
Posted by: iamusername - Today, 04:30 AM - Forum: Shota - Replies (6)

Approximately what age range do you prefer to see in shota pics? I realize that age itself is usually not the attraction, but rather it's the stage of physical development the kid is in, and ages usually roughly correspond to that.

Personally, I like shotas just before and just entering puberty. Since most boys enter puberty between 12 and 14, that's the age range I most prefer. Obviously I can go lower than that by up to a few years and higher than that by a year.

How about you?

Note, I chose not to make this a poll, one because im on my phone and two because I know age of attraction can be very specific and can vary greatly from one person to the next.

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  cumming or drumming
Posted by: Bender_gender - Today, 01:26 AM - Forum: Spam - Replies (2)

Some of you guys have to play this: cumming or drumming

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  Suki's Story
Posted by: Ecchi Nemi - Yesterday, 11:02 PM - Forum: Stories - No Replies

Note: Suki is my own character who was made by Krezz Karavan. The story was written by Mizuhiro.
There are maybe some mistakes because the story was original written in french and it's only translated with Google Translator.

Suki is an inferior succubus and she was born 22 years ago. She became a Succubus at the age of 7, she has preserved her original appearance even if she now had a pair of demonic wings and horns. Her tail have been perverted too by demonic essence.

Basically, Suki was a young normal wolf girl. But at the age of 7, during an evening with friends, she held a seance to summon a demon for play, for fake. She had no idea that demons really exist and that the ritual she prepared was true. At the meeting with her ​​friends, she sting her finger with a needle and signed a pact with her blood, unaware that a demon was present at the lurking her in the shadows.

Where everyone left after the party, Hana, emerges from the shadows to claim her due. At that time, Hana was a sexual predator, as she had not yet meet Mizu. Hungry, she took her avatar of corruption form and deeply corrupt Suki's body for allow her to satisfy her thirst for semen. Suki was so exposed to corruption that she became a succubus. Since that day, Suki is now a gender bender. Hana made ​​use of her as a mere sex toy to satisfy her desires and her thirst, until she adopts Mizu two years ago and giving back to Suki her freedom. Because of Hana, Suki prefer be in her masculine or herm form when she have Sex.

Last year, Suki has been summoned by Merin to be the object of her revenge against her adoptive brother. Suki tried to claim her tribute but as a lower succubus Merin had no trouble to turn her into her slave. Merin bounded and raped her several times to make her obey to her will. At the very same time, Nemi entered the room and had to share her fate by being raped too. During their bounded rape, Nemi and Suki fall in love of eachother. Then, Suki decided to remain on earth to spend some time with Neme and Merin by being a Slave for Merin and a Mistress for Nemi.

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  Merin's Story
Posted by: Ecchi Nemi - Yesterday, 11:00 PM - Forum: Stories - No Replies

Note: Merin is my own character who was made by Krezz Karavan. The story was written by Mizuhiro.
There are maybe some mistakes because the story was original written in french and it's only translated with Google Translator.

Merin is the only and legitimate daughter in a loving and rich deer family. Merin's parents treated her like a queen. She had everything a girl could wish for on earth. She was the queen, and she knew it. All her whim resulted to the object of her desires. However, this wonderful time ended about two months before her 9th birthday.

Merin's parents deeply desire to having a boy and Merin's mother didn't wanted to be pregnant again.
His father and mother then decided to adopt. They had such a comfortable situation, they could afford to welcome in their home a poor homeless children. Because of this, Nemi was adopted. At that time he was a small baby. Merin immediately felt threatened by this newcomer to the point that she throw a tantrum to her parents for bring him back to the orphanage. Outraged by his behavior toward the baby, her parents punished her for the first time in her life by sending her to her room. It was a real shock to Merin.

Time passed, and her desires became secondary to her parents, and this drive her crazy. She was trying to get revenge against Nemi by bothering him in all possible ways, but each time, her parents took the kitten part. How had it come to this. There is barely a year ago she was the queen, and now she was just a black sheep in her own family. Powerless, she give up the fight. Burying her anger toward Nemi behind fake smiles.

It was only three months after her 12th birthday she had a revelation. One of her close friends had shown her pictures of her humiliating her little brother by dressing him as a girl. She told Merin that the humiliation was the best to get revenge from a boy.

Excited by this revelation, Merin made some research on the internet and ended up falling on a porn site devoted to the practice of femdom. What she saw delights up her mind. She borrowed the credit card of her father in order to do some shopping on this wonderful site.

A week later, she received the items she had ordered. Everything was in place. Her parents tricked by her fakes smiles left for a weekend getaway, and let her babysit Nemi during their stay. At the moment they close the door, she bound Nemi and dress him like a girl before rape him with the toys she bought on internet. The cries and moans of the kitten were a real pleasure for her ears. He begged her to stop but she turned a deaf ear. The best time was when he climaxed. She's forced him to lick the carpet until the last drop taking care to clean everything. She then threatened him to show his class if he dared report. Since that day, Merin satisfies her revenge on Nemi every day by raping him for tell him he's nothing more than a slutty kitty. She want him to know his place. She rape him and over again restless until he admit the fact that he was a useless depraved whore.

Merin is now convinced that she is a dominatrix and the males place is at his feet!

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Information Shotabase
Posted by: Ecchi Nemi - Yesterday, 08:59 PM - Forum: Shota - Replies (2)

Since we have to start from the beginning I thought it would be nice to open the Shotabase thread again.
Here you can find information about the Shotabase website - a place just for Shotacons.
I will also try to post some updates from time to time.
You can also leave some comments below if you want.

Logo and Link
[Image: Shotabase-Logo.png]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Shotabase?
It's a website with mainly Shotacon content and you can upload everything related to Shotacon.

Is this site free?
The site is completly free and there are no extra expenses for the users.

More information:
You can find the whole F.A.Q. list here.


You can find all the recent activities, news and also some other informations like most active users here.

This is the forum section where you can discuss, roleplay, read stories, ask for help and requests etc.

This the the main part of our site where you can upload yaoi or straight shota pictures.

You can find some Doujinshi and Manga here which you can download but you can also upload torrent files if you want to share some of your own shotacon stuff or maybe your whole collection.

If you want to watch some shotacon hentai videos like Boku no Pico you are at the right place.
You can watch, comment and rate all the videos but you can also find some information about them.

This is just the whole member list with all the users, team, profiles and some statistics.

This is where you can discuss about various topics in live time instead of making a thread or private message.

Do you have a own website or do you know a lot of other cool websites?
Well here you can add everything related to Anime, Hentai, Japan etc. and it doesn't have to be releated to Shotacon.

This is where we display our Partner sites.

Note: I will add some preview picture from the site later when I have more time.

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